I got something in the post today

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    Unsolicited mail to my address at home
    Blog url: http://giventosound.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is giventosound.com.


    We all get spam. How does that relate to WordPress.com and exactly what assistance do you need please?



    This is a pic of the letter I got.

    Please can you confirm that none of my domains need renewing just now?

    Very surprised to get mail about this to my home.



    It’s a scam to charge you a lot for domain renewal – don’t reply – BUT make sure you check your domain name renewal with the company you originally registered your name with – there are several companies that send those out – you can use the private registration option to keep your address hidden if you want –


    auxclass is right. It’s scam.



    As far as I know everything is registered with wp and up to date. Im not arsed about the mail, it was just a shock but as long as I know the info is wrong (and the address for that matter) everything is ok. I have checked the renewals with WP (thank you) and they run for a while.

    Very odd.



    Thanks for your assistance both of you.

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