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    so i saw the new features on writing new posts on my blogs. i think its great
    but my problem is
    everytime i put a video from youtube or dailymotion
    it makes the post all ugly and everywhere.

    example: i would post a paragraph relating to the video but the video will be found at the far buttom of the screen

    so please revert me back to the old fashioned way


    Sorry, Matt has said there is no going back.

    How about a link to the post that has the problems.




    This is turning into a public relations nightmare for WordPress.



    Same issue. When I post a youtube video using their icon on the new format it posts about half the link at the beginning of the post. As far as I can tell when posting pictures and videos the new format puts them all at the top of the post, not allowing the user to select where the pictures go. With the new format you have to cut the material from the top of the post, move it to where you want and paste. Not an upgrade in my opinion, more a pain in the ass.

    Youtube can be posted where you want, just do not use their new icon to do it. Use the bracket method.

    I did find it intersting the number of positive comments on the new dashboard listed on the main wordpress page. I made my negative comment in the middle of many of the positive comments, yet mine is “still awaiting moderation.”



    I just lost over an hour of work on Lost Hemisphere.

    I’m putting together a preview post for an upcoming release; I’d put together some 6-700 words, images and all, for it.

    I hit “save”. I went back into the draft and… it came back with the draft as it had been over an hour ago.

    The images I’d uploaded to my media library were at least still in my media library, even if I’m unable to add them to the post using the new image feature. Thus far the only way I’ve been able to add images to my posts has been to get the URL after I upload the image, and then enter the html code manually.

    Looks to me like there’s some kinks to be worked out…

    (he said, restraining his frustration).



    I am amazed something so good has suddenly turned out to be something so bad. Just when I had figured everything things are changed…I lost the downloads of pictures I had on my site…and when I go to reload them they violate security “something or other.” For gosh sake they were simple photos that worked in the old way. And, when I go to create a link to a blog I want to reference there is nothing but a blue box showing…..Are the guys in charge like in charge while the real guys who were in charge are on vacation?

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