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I hate the new signon page

  1. I hate it. I want to see Hot Blogs and Latest Posts and Most Popular blogs again.

    I'm not interested in a fake billboard for alleged "news."

    I can get real news elsewhere.

    Please return to the old signon page.

  2. You can still see all that on the Dashboard, no?

  3. I hate having the Top Blogs and Latest Posts and Growing Blogs on my dashboard. They are still there. I do not frequent the sign-in page so I really don't care what is there.

  4. Yeah, I don't care much for that info either. The 'top blogs' don't seem to change much at all, and the 'fastest growing' ones are probably just new users importing old posts from another blogging site. The new front page is slightly more interesting IMO, although the number of topics is rather limited.

  5. IMO doesn't look bad at all -- the sections IMO are an improvement to simply repeating what we already see on our dashboards on the sign in page. This could be because I'm sick and tired of seeing the same blogs (some VIP accounts) in the Top Blogs and Top Posts. .

  6. Let me tell you, the new page is WAY easier for beginners to understand. And it reflects the attitude that stats aren't everything; it's an effort to downplay the competitive aspect of blogging. And avoid complaints about Cheezburger.

  7. And also, don't forget, now we got Big Button!! I mean, REALLY Big Button!! That's what I've been waiting on forever. A REALLY Big Button!!

  8. Men! Size queens.

  9. Hahahahahaa...

  10. bloggersanjida

    i wish i could see ALL the "featured blogs" under different recent tags on the home page, instead of the news dept.

    but the button is really helpful. but the colour leaves a lot to be desired. they could at least go for er, wordpress-blue.

  11. I still hate the new signon page.

    And I see Top Blogs has been reduced to just *4*. Sux all round.

    I'd like to see the focus more on blogs than these "news categories." I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in what's going on with WP blogs.

  12. Promoting the blogs that are already the most popular doesn't seem very useful. How about showing off some less popular ones instead?

  13. Just some thoughts on the pros and cons of the new "News Departments" setup:
    Pro: it looks pretty
    Pro: its not the same things appearing day after day (maybe)
    Pro: its unclear (at the moment) to bloggers how to manipulate the formula to artificially get there
    Con: Arbitrary division into themes
    Con: not very navigable I: from the look of it, the user might expect to be able to browse to the "Sports section", or the "politics section" but this is not the case
    Con: obtuse - we don't know why those ones have been featured, so why should we care about them.
    Con: not very navigable II: If two of the news articles look, from the front page, like they might interest you, try clicking one and reading it, then back..... Oh look neither of them are on the front page any more :-)

  14. If you want your opinion on these and other matters to be heard, send in a feedback to staff everyone!


  15. On the Dashboard, I'd like each of those items to be clickable for a full page. Why do I have to see just the top (now-) 4 blogs? Let me open a page to see the Top 100 or 200 or whatever. Same with Top Posts. Same with Latest Posts.

    Last year, the Latest Posts area was a great source for sampling blogs. Now the listing of new posts is too small to be of any use. (Also, I'd like to be able to choose the Language of Latest Posts. In the evening (EDST), most of the latest posts are in languages I can't read!)

    PS: What Feedback button? I don't see anything called that. I have in drop-down My Account->Contact Support. That doesn't seem like Feedback to me. Not the first time I've had to fish around in WP to find something.

  16. They changed the name to "support" so you are correct there. So let me rephrase ;) A support thorugh your admin, the "support" tab in these forums or an email to [email redacted] so that your opinion is heard with Staff. Sorry about calling it a 'feedback' before, wasn't aware of the change. Hope that helps mikecane.


  17. Yeah, I couldn't find it either when I wanted to send feedback last week.

    To send feedback, click the 'Support' button in the top-right corner. That'll open a list of FAQ categories. You can either browse those and click 'None of these answer my question...', or go directly to the 'Other' category. That will bring you to the feedback form (or at least, I think that's it, and I got a reply from staff last week, so apparently it works).

    Not a very logical place, I agree. I'd expect to find a 'Send Feedback' option in the dashboard bar.

    CMIIW please, regular forum posters.

    Oh, simultaneous posting. Thanks Trent :)

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