I hate the new system!!

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    Where the hell is the dashboard? The new interface is terrible!!! I can’t post with categories as I like to do – where did my ability to post from the dashboard page go? The reader is much less legible and looks like a terrible mobile app on my computer screen. This really, really sucks and I wish you’d go back to the old system. If not, my blogging days might just be done.

    The blog I need help with is cythereandreams.wordpress.com.


    Totally agree! Why can I no longer see all my existing tags when I write a new post, so I can see all the existing tags and choose from them? Being able to organise my posts easily is half the point of my blog. What’s going on?? Please can this be changed somehow?



    Can someone tell me what has happened? Logged in today and I was under the impression there was a serious problem with my computer but gathering by your discussion it appears that this is a network-wide WordPress problem. I certainly hope this is not permanent because it will be a tragedy. I now have white writing on an off-white background…..very intelligent.



    Hi there..
    Hope I can help a little, I realize there are a few different and popularized ways to view wordpress.

    To create a new post or page, I have never preferred to use the ‘quick’ method, from drop down or straight onto the smaller one on dashboard. I am simply letting you guys no that nothing has changed via the left hand sidebar to add new post / page.. etc all cats and tag suggestions are all in place..

    Just thought I would post this as a way for you to bypass the other method and get to publishing whatever you all need to..

    As for the reader, cannot help you there. As I rarely use it.. I merely click through to people that I follow individually.

    I just checked recently having posted a few blogs that were special to me to ensure that my own showed up in the reader ~ but alas no.. And that is being sorted by a lovely Staff member…

    Hope this helps some.. :)



    This is the worst change yet, an horrendous change, bad enough to make me leave and blog elsewhere. Apart from not being able to find the Dashboard (and add new post), the Reader is a mess, the Post Headers are at the bottom of the post, instead of the top, and so it becomes a jumbled mess. that the eye can’t figure out. People will be liking and following the wrong blogs. My images no longer appear in my posts in the Reader. And as for that awful blue colour, are you serious?!


    To go to the Dashboard:

    1. click on “My Blogs”
    2. click then on your blog´s name
    3. click then on your blog´s avatar (top right) and you´ll see the drop down menu which will show the dashboard, too
    4. click on the dashboard and you will be there.

    Four clicks.

    I don´t know if there is another shortcut, these changes are absolutely horrible and I wonder why they were made.



    @esquerdacritica There is a slightly quicker way to the Dashboard and that’s by clicking on ‘My Blogs’ and then clicking on the number of posts below the blog name (or comments), and that obviously takes you to the Dashboard. Less clicks than your way, but still damn annoying that it’s no longer available in the drop down link.



    WP.com is the guinea pig section for WP.org. This is the testing site. They don’t make any changes to .org until they’ve tested it all out on us lesser mortals at .com. Terrible changes, if the intent is to drive people away then I’d say they’ve done a brilliant job.



    I dont like it either, for some reason, now when i click on reader or freshly pressed, nothing loads…



    Think this might be about the same thing…
    I have it set to open WP ‘My Blogs’ in a separate tab so I can just select Dashboard (first item) and go to the one I want.
    This morning there is no sign of Dashboard. Instead it reads: Check Stats · 6 posts (view drafts) · Manage Comments · Change Appearance · Buy Upgrades
    We need the most important/most used links on this page. For example, how many people want to use ‘Change Appearance’ more regularly than Dashboard? Anyway you can get there easily enough from the Dashboard page. The same with Buy Upgrade, though I can understand WP wanting to promote that so see why it should be there. If it is a question of space – then the items listed should surely be prioritised!
    Hating the extra unnecessary clicks. Please change it back.



    Where do I go to change my wordpress address? It used to be so simple. It’s like they were so damn bored one day that they’d hide all the important functions that made wordpress.com great to use and complicate it. SO ANNOYING. such a waste of time looking it and not finding it. I feel defeated :(



    … not only that, but when I tried to get to my Dashboard via clicking Comments I was sent to a ‘page could not be found’ message (on more than one blog I tried to click to). When I tried to go back with the browser I got a page of gobbledygook HTML, a bit like when WP is having an off moment! and had to click again to get back to the ‘My blogs’ page.
    Very frustrating!!



    Stats page is messed up and the links don’t work properly. Terrible changes – not a single improvement. The large font and the silly icons make it look like a child’s pre school app.



    Stats page is messed up and the links don’t work properly. Terrible changes – not a single improvement. The large font and the silly icons make it look like a child’s pre school app.



    I thought updates were meant to improve things. It’s like a game of hide and seek now. WordPress have hidden everything we are used to clicking on, and have made everything an extra few clicks away. Get rid of the person who designed this new look, my twelve year old nephew could have come up with better.



    WordPress now looks, and works, as though it’s been designed by five year olds, for five year olds. Not a look i want thanks all the same. And quite frankly, life is too short to be spent clicking extra clicks to find something that was previously available in just one click!



    If you go into Stats and then click the small blue W (wordpress icon) on the right it will take you straight to your dashboard.



    I’m just gonna DITTO every other comment here. Gawd, WordPress, this is just change for change’s sake now; every flippin’ week there’s some other nonsensical “improvement”.

    Can’t you tell your users are losing patience? Don’t you have anyone on staff who understands client communications? Maybe you need to hire some adults, stop letting your smarty-pants children run the shop.



    The answer to your question, luddylens, is no. I’ve been here almost seven years, and it hasn’t changed much.



    Hi, Caca 313…

    If you do change your blog address, permalinks to your old address, including search engine results, will be broken unless you purchase a Site Redirect upgrade.

    Instructions for Changing Your Blog Address

    Go to My Blogs in your dashboard:

    Note that this will take you to a different screen than the My Blogs tab on the WordPress.com homepage. You cannot change your blog address from the My Blogs section of the homepage.
    On the My Blogs screen, move your mouse over the address you wish to change. You will see that a Change Blog Address option appears. Note that you will only see this option for blogs that you own.

    Click the Change Blog Address option for the blog that you wish to rename.

    As is quite lengthy, to continue reading, link also follows to Support Section of WordPress.. :)

    Link to Article>>

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