I hate the new system!!

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    Reader is messed up as well. Before in the photo topics you could tell if someone posted more than one photo. Now nothing is clear and on the IOS apps no photos show in the photo topics. Usually change adds features this is the removal of features and usability.



    Thanks metan1 – that’s helpful.
    However, I would still prefer to do it with one click instead of two. Pity WP could not put the ‘small blue icon’ on the ‘My Blogs’ page too.
    How about it WP, at the very least?!



    Hi afreestyler.
    Thanks for the instructions. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but it just didn’t take me to the change address before.

    Would be great to manage everything on the that “manage my blogs” page though … saves the clicking around.



    :) You’re welcome.. Caca; certainly would be I guess, I’ve no connection with that side of it though.. only a bit of a novice here at forums.. I mainly just subscribe to what I try and help with, not here very often now.. but anyone can ask via my blog or something..

    have a good day / night where you are..



    Keep access to Dashboard in the drop down… While I’ve been able to find it through the various hoop changes and guinea pig tests, all alternatives are way too much work.

    Particularly given my blog averages out 14 – 20 of the stupidest and worst spam messages a week, and not being able to squelch/remove them promptly has proven to increase exponentially.

    Don’t get me wrong, Askimet is good… But it’s not perfection. Particularly when you have folk in the former Soviet Bloc being paid $2/hour (American) to get crap spread for better search engine saturation.



    The recent changes have made blogging on WordPress a frustrating and annoying experience. I pretty much have stopped bothering to update my blog with new pieces (I used to update daily) because the “improvements” make accessing my dashboard so labor-intensive that I honestly can’t be bothered. After four+ years with WordPress, I am accustomed to the WordPress team willy-nilly adding features no one wanted or asked for but, this mess is without a doubt the worst. I am in the process of finding a new blog platform to move my content to. I simply don’t have the time or the interest to go through this nonsense with WordPress each year.


    I hold my head in my hands again. In the reader most of the photos in a post take up more than the size of the screen. Was this designed for i-pads now?



    I’m a bit fed up now with WordPress’s sudden updates. If they’re going to make a drastic change without telling us in advance (which they should do, actually), they should at least tell us what’s going on after they issue the update. At least it gives them a chance to explain themselves…

    As for this blue top bar, I thought they finally got rid of it ages ago! Why bring it back now?


    Why isn’t WordPress responding to any of these comments? I, too, am most frustrated. Not only can I not find anything, ie. like the Weekly Photo Challenge that I wanted to post my contribution to, but as previous comments have noted, the new layout looks less professional and is certainly not user-friendly. I want to spend time writing, not trying to figure out yet another system change. I was going to add a new blog to my stable but now I’m wondering if I should bother. Any response, WordPress?


    I agree with all of the above – I do not like this new layout at all, hate actually.


    This new update is the next step to remove the old dashboard, by hiding it even further in the realms before finally removing it.

    And while I want to applaud WordPress for trying to improve the service, I also feel that they haven’t actually listened to some of the concerns being raised.

    Luckily, I have found a way to still get to the dashboard, but if I am forced to use the ‘Quick Post’ in the future, then I will be transferring my blogs elsewhere.

    While I get that it makes it easier for some people, I feel like the whole process is “dumbing down” my experience. I am losing control on how I want my blog to look and feel.

    I came on here to blog, but I can’t be bothered anymore.



    I will have to unsubscribe from this thread.. gee am I slow on that one..

    Honest, I may not use the Reader very often, but the only MAJOR change is the sidebar going from the left side to the right side, now don’t hate me for that, but if you guys were to give it a rest like for a Day or Two.. (or even 2 or 10 hours??? ) you may get a staff response by then. As it is obviously as you yak here being worked on and they cannot do everything at once, like if they are ironing out some glitches and getting it right, they are not going to answer anyone until they have.

    Get creative and just work around the new layout and if it returns to the older style then great.. all the best but just relax, demands go ‘nowhere’ ville….. but in the end you are of course, free to do as you want don’t take my comment to heart am only a blogger like you all… Goodnight from Australia.. :) as is just after 1 a.m



    The new system is NOT user friendly or intuitive. You can’t find anything. Please, please, please revert back to the old one (you keep doing that – going back and forth – surely from the amount of negative feedback you’re receiving, you have to realize that no one likes the new interface and the old one worked just fine; improvements should IMPROVE things, not make them WORSE). An GUI should be easy to use, make easy to find things, and HELP people. This new one is anything BUT that … horrible, horrible, horrible.


    Three things I miss about the new system:

    1. That one large picture is shown in the reader. It takes up most of my screen vertically, and I’m having a real tough time reading posts, I basically gave up. Which is a shame, because I love reading posts through the reader. I liked the old way much better.

    2. I really miss the black bar at the top of the reader. I use this to navigate, and now I’m getting lost in the reader. That some links are now at the bottom(?) I can live with, but I liked the top navbar a lot.

    3. The new ‘see your likes, comments, etc’ button looks like a comment button, and it isn’t intuitive for me what it does. I liked the old one better.

    The typography looks really nice though, and the new like and follow buttons look fine too for me. Like the tag location and color, as well as the date published and the blog link.

    Otherwise, would it be possible to have an option where you could have two/ three rows of posts with smaller boxes of the posts in the reader? It would it make it more readable.

    I was really shocked though with the new layout, hopefully it will smooth out, though… :-)


    Almost forgot:

    In the old version if somebody had a gallery or multiple images in a post multiple images would show in the reader for the excerpt. I really loved this feature when viewing photoblogs for example. Are there any changes of bringing this back?

    Thank you for your consideration. :-)


    Just a bug(?) I noticed when your in the reader in the ‘reader’ and the ‘fresly pressed’ part with the autoscroll you can’t reach the bottom links. I have to navigate to a page like ‘my blogs’ in order to navigate further, which makes it troublesome to navigate further.


    Actually afreestyler that is not the biggest change. As the first sentence states the dashboard has disappeared, so that would make it the biggest change.

    While in this post, you can still see the old header – top right hand corner is your image. Hover over that, then you get your blogs and the option to go to your dashboard.

    When you first come into WordPress – the new header is shown. Your image is there, but the options have change. You cannot
    get into your dashboard. In fact it is nowhere on the new layout.

    As I’ve said, there is a workaround to get the old dashboard, but why has been made harder to get to it? Is this the next step to remove some/all of the options available within the dashboard? That is how it appears.

    They have already replace stats a while back (with an improved version – albeit currently having issues), and the post facility has been updated (with a dumbed down version – which I don’t like), and the new update has brought in the ‘Change Appearance’ to Manage Accounts (which currently doesn’t work), so this is all hinting that the dashboard is to go eventually.


    And that post went belly up *rolls eyes*



    I agree. The new design is awfully. Remove the old design, please.



    When I click on the new Reader I can’t tell whose post it is because all I see is some random photo and a giant fonted title. The posts all blend into each other and it’s a mess. Couldn’t they use their updates blog to at least let us know they are going to make these changes? I noticed they closed all comments to the WordPress news blog as well.

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