I hate the new system!!

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    I came here to see what’s up with the reader, suddenly all the fonts were use, the pictures as well and I have to scroll like crazy through a specific topic in order to be able to quickly browse what has been posted. It is a lot less efficient and I’m afraid I won’t be browsing as much anymore.

    Have not looked yet at what has changed in regards to making new posts.






    I basically go to two places, dashboard and stats.

    Bookmarks / favorites are your friend. You can actually bookmark your dashboard (and stats page, if you are afraid WP will mess up your access to it), put it on your bookmarks toolbar, and you are always only one click away. You don’t even have to go to the WP home page. (Shh, don’t tell anyone at WP I said that.)

    Please, everyone, come down off that ledge. :) Just back away slowly, use the slow 3-4 click method to find your dashboard, and bookmark it. Go somewhere else, and then click on the bookmark to come back, and suddenly you’ll be there. It’s ok. You’ll be surprised — the sun really will come up tomorrow.

    If there’s another page you use frequently, bookmark it, too, just in case WP annoyingly changes something else to make it hard to get to.

    Then, stand up, look out the window, wave to your neighbour, and get a cup of coffee.


    I agree with all of the above statements. These new changes are fit for a 5 yr old. If this is something WordPress wants to implement and stick with I will high tail it out of here to another host.

    I joined WP two years ago because it was streamlined and well put together, now everything (like the dashboard) is hidden and one must be a magician to figure it all out.

    The reader and Freshly Pressed pages are horrible. Just horrible. The photos take up my entire screen – I’m not even sure which blog in the reader I should be reading – there is no fluid movement to these two pages at all. I will be missing out on a lot of my favourite bloggers because of this mess.

    The little black bar at the top of the screen is gone, only visible when viewing blogs. Annoying.

    I have never used quick press to write a new post – I tried it once and hated it. I certainly hope that these changes are temporary.

    Seriously, WordPress – you’ve just gone and set yourself back 10 years.

    Jennifer Avventura



    Glad I checked Scottish, I’m just saying Many people use it differently!

    First of all since I have the dashboard address on my toolbar, whether or not it gets me to sign in, I go straight to my dashboard with no problem Then or Now… gee a shortcut!

    Obviously clicking on it anytime can take me straight there.. By the way, if you think about it, a lot of you are simply referring to Navigational Tools… quite simply, change the way you ‘browse’ WordPress.. is actually nothing to do with them how you Choose to Browse it is your own problem.. (referring to Scottish comment of: “when you first come into wordpress” I find hugely amusing like you are serious you only use one way.. simply save as a bookmark or toolbar or even your desktop a shortcut to any page on the internet that you want………………..

    You seem to maintain something ‘in an every person’ state….

    I do not have ANY problem with the way it works now..

    Have also just checked out the reader… changed my background, checked on a few things I like the new changes OK

    Oh, and Scottish, I am allowed to LIKE it also, you know…

    The dashboard, making posts etc does remain the same.. all these references to ‘Dumbed Down’ I find amusing… when you seem to think things are unusable?

    Just saw the comment above here, little black bar is here also on the forum page.. If it isn’t for that person, then I’d perhaps be checking on your browsers also…



    I assumed I was the only blogger having a nightmare with WordPress! But, I’m over it!




    This is absolutely horrible! I’ve been using this service for 4-5 years now and I HATE this change! I’ve thought about changing to another service for a long time now, and it looks like this may be the time!



    How is hating working for you? I find it doesn’t work for me at all. That’s why I adapt to changes as quickly as I can. I accept the fact that no software is frozen in time. WordPress.com software is on continuous roll-out and many code changes are being made continually.

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