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I hate WP2.5 please put it back to normal

  1. Exactly as it sounds, it is confusing and difficult to use

  2. Please try - you might even grow to like it.

  3. I actually like the new Dashboard, but it is slooooooow

  4. Should be faster now.

  5. I might just be dumb but I'm finding it really hard to use.

  6. It DOES NOT WORK! I can't place a graphic in a post. I can't even see the graphic after it's been uploaded.

    Give us the option to GO BACK until you've fixed it.

  7. I will not even load for me...

  8. too cluttered and difficult to read

  9. Mark: Actually, it completely quit working. Now, all of the pages "load" as blank. Nothing.. nada.. zip.

  10. When ever I try to go to my Dashboard, it's just a white page... I can't see anything.

  11. iasmindecordoba

    Yep, completely quit working for me as well. *sigh* I suppose a free service is free but a little warning would have been nice. I'm going to go be peaceful and attend my tai chi class while you folks work this out.

  12. dissfunktional

    Yep, dashboard has completely disappeared. I hate it too, widgets aren't working right, they don't like to be edited. This needs a lot more work before implementing. A LOT. Global Dashboard is empty - white screen.

    Put the old one back up please!

  13. Things will be in flux for a few minutes, please be patient while we get everything deployed.

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