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I have 2 blogs. I want different author names on each. How?

  1. I set up a second blog because I wanted to experiment with writing but didn't want family and friends to know it was "me". They already know about my first blog. When I change the display name on my new blog, it changes the display name on my first blog, too. Is there a way to make these two blogs appear completely separate?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. The e-mail address registered with your account is your unique identifier. To completely disassociate two blogs currently registered to the same username we register another username with a different email address, while we are logged out of Then we add the new username as an Admin to the blog we want to transfer to that username, and use this process to transfer the blog to the new username account.

  3. By all means DO NOT delete any blog ... you won't be able to get it back.

  4. @motre
    The OP is not indicating anything at all about blog deletion. It's clear she wants to reatin both blogs and I provided the correct instructions for achieving that.

    As I have been here for nearly 6 years I am aware that blog deletion at has always been irreversible, and that recycling of deleted blog addresses ie. URLs at has never been allowed.

    Please don't post spontaneous off-topic comments into support forum threads as it leads to confusion.

  5. Thank you timethief. I now have different authors on my blogs! Your instructions were great!

  6. @vinnyfan
    Thank you for returning and letting us know you suceeded and this is now resolved. Best wishes with your blogs. :)

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