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I have 2 questions... .pls do read this

  1. i have hosted my site to another hosting site.

    1st question: can the old presentation menus be in my new presentation menu? bec i like how easy the sidebar widgets are made.

    2nd: how do i edit my sidebar?ei: put calendars etc..

  2. If you're hosted anywhere but you need to be over at, since you're running different software. We can't help you here.

  3. so u mean?? when my site is hosted on anywhere. you gys can help me here. the one that can help me is

  4. The one that can help you is, not

  5. If you're hosted elsewhere then here on teh servers, then you're using different software than what is run here. Sort of like walking into a medical doctor's office in an attempt to get someone to work on your television set.

    Good luck,

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