I have a blog – but can’t find it…?

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    I’m new, obviously. I opened up a new account, new username & clicked “gimme a blog!”. So, I then go to my profile. Everything is there. My username, my nickname, & my website blog address is there. That said, on my Dashboard, there is no where for me to post! When I click on Blog Stats, it says I have no blog. But it is all showing properly on my profile. Can anyone help? I’ve browsed so many faq’s & such, I’m exhausted. Thanks!


    Was the blog you set up http://amazingjourney.wordpress.com ? If so, it appears like there is a problem that will have to be addressed by staff. Most of us here in the forums are volunteers with no back-end access.

    Staff do monitor these forums and it is likely someone will take care of this for you this weekend, but if they do not, contact them Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific time at: http://wordpress.com/contact-support/ , or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.

    Include your complete blog URL (starting with http://, your username and your email address you used to set up your account. DO NOT post your email address or any personal information here in the forums as someone with less than honorable intentions may get hold of it.


    Ughhhhhh. Thank you so much! Yes, that is my blog address. You are correct. :) So much for blogging this weekend, heh? I appreciate your help & quick response. Welcome to my world. :)


    Like I said, they may very well get you fixed up this weekend. Mark, one of the tech guys is in the UK, and he should be waking up in a few hours. Keep your fingers crossed and check back here in the forums. If he fixes it he will likely post here in this thread.


    I still don’t have a blog. Well, yes I do, I just can’t find it or post to it. Just thought I’d share. LOL! :)


    As I said above in my first comment, you need to contact staff about this: http://wordpress.com/contact-support/ (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.


    Unfortunately, I still can’t get any help. I emailed support first thing this a.m. I just sent another request – if they can’t help me, I’ll have to find another service.



    I get an endless loading loop when trying to open your blog. It could well be that there’s a complicated problem that is taking them awhile to fix. You don’t need to send them another message unless they email you and ask some questions.



    They will reply if you used the method that thesacredpath mentioned just above your last post. Send in as much details as possible that could be used to help solve this because they are not mind readers and too much detail is never the problem, but rather the opposite!




    Deleted by user? No. I opened my account months ago, but just began trying to post (I’m transferring another blog & my contract is just now up) as of last Friday. Hopefully I’ll hear from someone soon! Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your help!


    Did you set up anyone else as an administrator that could have deleted it?

    I would make a plea to staff to have it reinstated. It’s worth a try: http://wordpress.com/contact-support. Include your username, the full blog URL and your email address you used to set it up.



    Mark (posted above) is the one that will most likely get your support request as well, so do send it!



    I will give it a shot to have it reinstated! I have no idea what could have happened – but I don’t want it deleted! Thanks so much! :)


    You’re very welcome and I hope it’s a happy outcome.

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