I have a domain name from yola.com

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    I want to change the domain name to point to wordpress but yola needs IP addresses and I don’t have them and can’t find anything on wordpress site but this:

    ns1.wordpress.com =
    ns2.wordpress.com =
    ns3.wordpress.com =

    but then it says that I shouldn’t use it because it could change at any time.

    This is all very very confusing and I had a domain site that was working great until it all changed when fatcow owned that domain name and I did not want to use them anymore. I now either have to do this and be in limbo trying to rebuild my audience of 3 years back up to where it was before being fucked by fatcow or use this other domain name I have. This is all very trying for me cause I’m also looking for work in a rotten economy and I’m not bringing in any money.

    Please help me. The fact that wordpress has got such a great rep but no customer service SUCKS.

    (email redacted)
    cathy haig

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