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I have a few questions I can't find answers to

  1. I have been searching the forums for a week trying to figure out these answers. I am so afraid of being reprimanded for not trying that I am losing valuable time with domain mapping and I just can't afford to do that anymore.

    Two questions...

    1. xxx is my example name.

    I just started another blog for my artwork - "". I have purchased the "" name for it.

    When I change the "" to my new "" address, will the google rank and traffic be credited to my old domain or my new domain? This is important because I may sell this domain name someday and I want it to have a lot of traffic and a good seo ranking. Using WordPress is how I want to get there.

    Question 2. I'm staying on for this. With an domain name, do I still get to be a part of the tagging community? I know with you lose that.

    Thank you. I appreciate your help.

  2. don't know about question 1, but for question 2 yes you're still part of the tagging community.

  3. For question #1 the answer is not the one you're hoping for; you start from zero when you start with a new domain name.

  4. Actually that's not totally correct on #1 as is setup to forward from the old URL to the new one as long as the site is still here on It'll take a bit though for search engines to recognize the switch but your traffic will remain the same as visitors who go to your old site, even from google or other search engines, will still show up on your site.

    Your Technorati score will be shot though.

    Do note that your blog currently can only be used for non commerical purposes though. Something to keep in mind since you bring up selling it off in the future.

  5. The searches generally go to the address for awhile. That's what I've noticed. Now that there are more links to than outranks the other.

  6. Thank you everyone. Raincoaster, your blog is the one I noticed and wondered how you managed to have the .com address and still such a good ranking with Technorati. So thank you for letting me know this. ;-)

  7. Oh, and I know you can't sell the name. But I am hoping to someday sell off the name. Thanks everyone.

  8. Believe me, when they made the switch to I lost EVERYTHING in Technorati. I am still not as high now as I was then. But I'll get back there.

  9. If you are starting a blog from scratch that you know you will want to monetize later by hiring a webhost and downloading a template, then IMHO it makes no sense at all not to go for a domain and domain mapping right away. I did that and my domain lost nothing when the domain was re-pointed from hosting to ASO hosting. The links and rank belong to the domain so it makes sense to understand that right from the beginning and to act accordingly.

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