I have a global WP tag link, but I want an internal category link

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    I’m using the Vigilance theme on my blog (http://definitelyra.wordpress.com/), and I use categories on my posts, not tags. At the end of each post, there’s a line that says: “From: [Category name]” and the link goes to the global WP page for posts tagged with that category name.

    1) How is this happening, if I don’t use tags at all?
    2) Is there a way for me to get my site to look like the posts here (http://teaandcaketime.wordpress.com/) where the link at the end goes to the site’s own category page?

    The blog I need help with is definitelyra.wordpress.com.


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    The site linked to your name comes up like this:
    “definitelyra.com is temporarily unavailable.”

    It’s not a wp.COM blog.

    If you are asking about a wp.COM blog, then






    My apologies; I have updated my profile to reflect the correct site.

    I have read the pages you recommended, and it appears that there is no way for me to change this outside of changing my theme or blocking search engines. If that is the case, why does the site I cited (http://teaandcaketime.wordpress.com/) appear differently?



    I’m using Vigilance theme, and I’ve never noticed something like this happens before, maybe you should contact wordpress support..


    I see what you mean with the tags and categories. The normal behavior is that the tags and categories displayed on the post lead to the wordpress.COM global tags pages, and the tags and categories in the widgets lead to your local tags and categories pages.

    I would contact staff as spocrep suggests.




    It’s entirely possible that the teaandcaketime site HAS set their Privacy to block search engines. You can also do this using the iNove theme, which has a setting for it; I believe at least one of the other new themes has this feature, but I cannot recall which one.



    thesacredpath: My blog is behaving as you describe, but since I have an example of another Vigilance blog acting differently, I have to wonder if there’s a way around it. I am especially boggled because I have not assigned tags to any of my posts.

    I’ll contact support now. Thanks for the responses!

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