I have a layout from DW and want WP as my CMS.. now what?

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    I am currently trying to put together a site for my record label. I have put together a layout in Dreamweaver of what I want the site to look like, and I am currently trying to setup WordPress as my content managment system. Only there’s one problem. I don’t understand how it works. I have a little “site” on WordPress.com, and then in the other hand I have my completed site from DW ready to load onto a server. How do I combine the two? After I have all of my site’s html files ready to go, how do I tell WordPress where to publish everything? Basically, any information about how WordPress works/communicates with your pre-existing site layout typed in html and css would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is walkthroughrecords.wordpress.com.



    Dreamweaver is NOT going to help you with a WordPress.com blog. You can’t add external themes to a WordPress.com blog. You can add WordPress-compatible themes to a WordPress.ORG blog. See this:


    For guidance on how to use a Dreamweaver-designed theme on a WordPress.org blog, you’d have to ask over at WordPress.org. Dreamweaver is essentially for HTML-based sites, and it could be easy or it could be difficult, I don’t know.

    What you can do here is ADAPT the CSS of any existing theme, provided you’re fluent (and I do mean fluent) in CSS editing and have purchased the CSS upgrade.


    First off, you need to be asking over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . You cannot use your own themes here.

    Secondly, all wordpress themes are built using PHP script. WordPress can’t really work with HTML only themes since the theme and the wordpress files have to interact dynamically. You cannot do that with HTML only.


    Perfect, thank you both for the help!



    You’re welcome.

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