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    I have two blogs that I didn’t really mean to have in the first place. Ideally I’d like to delete them both entirely and have a new domain name. Also, I’m not sure if I can have a different header picture on each page of my blog, and if I can upload graphics…If there is any way to have someone call me I would really appreciate it.

    The blog I need help with is sexinthemountains.com.



    All blogs are independent. It matters not how many are registered under the same username account because deleting one blog has ZERO effects on any other blog.

    You must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered a blog to delete the blog. To prevent accidental or inadvertent deletion of blogs, there are multiple warnings given that blog deletion is permanent and irreversible. Lastly, a verification link is sent in an email and must be clicked to delete a blog. If clicking that link does not work then copy and paste it into your upper browser window and click.
    Deleted blog URLs are not recycled, regardless of who registered and deleted them and no exceptions are made.

    To change blog visibility to private go to > Settings > Reading. See the guide here http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/privacy-settings/



    and have a new domain name

    This is the domain URL currently being mapped to http://sexinthemountains.com/ as you want to chnage that domain you will need Staff to remove the domain mapping so you can map another domain. I’ll tag this thread for Staff to do that. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

    If there is any way to have someone call me I would really appreciate it.

    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver WordPress.com support. Unsurprisingly, there is no phone support here as bloggers are writers with good reading comprehension skills, and following written instructions comes with the territory.



    Yes, there is a way to have someone call you: hire a paid tech.

    I’m going to assume you got the domain stuff straightened out because I see a blog with a custom domain at your URL.

    If you have a question about a specific issue, the first thing you should do is search in the Support documents for the issue, like “Domains”. http://support.wordpress.com/



    Hi Tree – I will have to cancel and remove your domains in order for you to delete your blogs. You have:

    * domain sexinthemountains.com mapped to blog sexandthewilderness.wordpress.com
    * domains sexandthewilderness.com and summitsustenance.com mapped to blog sexinthemountains.wordpress.com

    Can you please confirm which of these domains you’d like to cancel? Please note that if you cancel it, there’s no guarantee it will become available to register again. If you want to use it with another site (not at WordPress.com), you should transfer it rather than cancel it.

    Also, I’m not sure if I can have a different header picture on each page of my blog, and if I can upload graphics

    There are some themes that use featured images on posts to display as unique headers on those post pages, and there are also some themes that will let you upload a number of header images and choose that they be displayed randomly cycled through.

    For the former, check out these themes:

    For the random header images, I know Twenty Eleven is one such theme:

    I’m not sure what you mean specifically by uploading graphics? You can upload certainly upload images – .png, .jpg, .gif.


    Thanks for the responses. I have figured most things out.

    The only thing I want is to have domain names deleted.

    The only remaining name that I want is summitsustenance.com – right now, summitsustenance.com is mapped to blog sexinthemountains.wordpress.com – Ideally, I would like to change this so summitsustenance.com was mapped to summit sustenance.wordpress.com and there was no sexinthemountains. I want everything other than summit sustenance deleted so if there is anyway to change the name of the blog it is mapped to that would be great.



    Hi Tree – Ok, I’ve canceled the two unwanted domains. Do you want summitsustenance.com mapped to the same blog (with the same content) that it is now, or do you want to start over with a new blog with that domain?

    If you want the same content, you can change that blog’s site address to something else in this way:
    Changing a Blog Address

    You won’t be able to use sustenance.wordpress.com because that URL is already taken, but you can use something similar that is not taken, such as mysustenanceblog.wordpress.com.

    If you want to start over with a new blog, you can go here and create a new one, and then let me know which one, and I can move the domain to it:

    Finally, you have an un-expired Premium bundle on sexandthewilderness.wordpress.com and I can move that to whatever blog you want to keep using if you like.

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