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I have a new Gravatar pic; why am I still seeing my old one?

  1. I recently changed from my first to my second Gravatar image.

    For a few days, I saw the new image just fine when I "liked" and commented on blogs, though not on the bar across the top of my screen or in my little "about me" widget on the side of my blog.

    Today started off inconsistent -- some "likes" showed the new pic, some the old; some comments showed the new pic, some the old. Now I don't see the new image anywhere unless I click on the Gravatar to display the whole profile.

    Any idea what the source of the discrepancy is and how to remedy it? Help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ah! See that pic accompanying the comment above (and, I'll presume, this comment as well)? That's the new Gravatar. That's what I want to see everywhere, not just some places, sometimes. Thanks for any tips!

  3. This change is not instaneous.

    We cache your gravatars for periods of time, which means that your new gravatar will take effect after the old one expires from the cache. The reason we do this is to be able to serve your (and indeed everybody’s) gravatar images much more quickly and reliably.

    If you still need support then use the link provided Send an e-mail to support (at) gravatar (dot) com

  4. Ah, very well. Thank you, timethief.
    Any idea how long these "periods of time" typically last, or is there no set window?

  5. I'm sorry but I don't know.

  6. Thanks all the same. (:

  7. For those who wondered, a status report: I believe the image inconsistency has cleared up, as of today. (:

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