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  1. Hi all, i'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong, but when i write whether it be a post or page it comes out in paragraphs rather than single line spacing. So for example if i write a few words and then press enter to go one down it will space as if it's a pargraph instead of going right underneath. So i have to write my post copy and paste it into word then paste it back, but then i can't change the colour of my font if i do it this way. I also wanted to know if there was any other font options available without an upgrade, such as font size.

    Leonie Isaacs

  2. Please be more specific when you write a title - nearly everyone posting the forums has a problem. And please remember that searches are a blogger's friend :) The answer to everything you are asking is easily found in the FAQ and the forums.

    Don't paste from Word. It will ultimately cause problems with your blog.

    If you want single spacing, use CTRL+Enter.

    If you want to change your font

    But the easiest way to do all of this is to use Windows Live Writer, if you are on a PC.

  3. - On my Mac it's shift-enter.

    - Re pasting from Word, let me add that if you do have to do it, use the "Paste from Word" or the "Paste as Plain Text" buttons.

    - Re the font-size, you could also check my reply here (I think it's more neat than the FAQ):

  4. Thanks Vivian (you know what I mean...)

  5. @panaghiotisadam thanks alot that all really helped and it was shift-enter.

  6. If I may add just a small something, I use both Mac and PC, so I'm used to both.

    In the visual mode, when posting, if you press enter, it will insert a new paragraph. In the HTML mode, if you press enter, it will go one line below.

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