I have a problem, can you help?

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    Hi all, i’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong, but when i write whether it be a post or page it comes out in paragraphs rather than single line spacing. So for example if i write a few words and then press enter to go one down it will space as if it’s a pargraph instead of going right underneath. So i have to write my post copy and paste it into word then paste it back, but then i can’t change the colour of my font if i do it this way. I also wanted to know if there was any other font options available without an upgrade, such as font size.

    Leonie Isaacs



    Please be more specific when you write a title – nearly everyone posting the forums has a problem. And please remember that searches are a blogger’s friend :) The answer to everything you are asking is easily found in the FAQ and the forums.

    Don’t paste from Word. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/09/why-not-to-use-word/ It will ultimately cause problems with your blog.

    If you want single spacing, use CTRL+Enter.

    If you want to change your font http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/06/12/can-i-change-my-font-font-size/

    But the easiest way to do all of this is to use Windows Live Writer, if you are on a PC.


    – On my Mac it’s shift-enter.

    – Re pasting from Word, let me add that if you do have to do it, use the “Paste from Word” or the “Paste as Plain Text” buttons.

    – Re the font-size, you could also check my reply here (I think it’s more neat than the FAQ):


    Thanks Vivian (you know what I mean…)



    @panaghiotisadam thanks alot that all really helped and it was shift-enter.


    If I may add just a small something, I use both Mac and PC, so I’m used to both.

    In the visual mode, when posting, if you press enter, it will insert a new paragraph. In the HTML mode, if you press enter, it will go one line below.

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