I have a wedgit mess, how to delete widgets to start over?

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    I have made a mess of my widgets and want to remove them to start over but don’t see a delete button, or anything clickable to remove them

    The blog I need help with is othonartworks.com.



    All widgets are installed and removed here > Appearance > Widgets
    Click widget to open and then locate the “remove/delete” link and click.


    I only find save and cancel no remove/delete buttons.



    “Delete|Close” is on the bottom left when you open the widget. Or you can simply drag it off your list.



    Click widget to open it and then inside of it at the bottom locate the “remove/delete” link and click.


    I’m feeling really dumb but still don’t find the remove/delete, I’m on a mac could be different?? my wedgit won’t move or be clicked on, those on the right side i mean, geeze !


    my widgets won’t open, they won’t move they are steadfastly sitting on the blue wall refusing to move. I now have more unused saved widgets than those available as I have tried so many times to delete. I must be not understanding the widget , I like to figure things out myself but ……



    I’m on a Mac, so that’s not the problem. Your widgets form a column of blue bars on the right side of your Widgets page and on each bar is a little down arrow that opens that widget. When you click on that arrow, the widget should pop open and you’ll see “Delete | Close” in the bottom left corner of the window. Is that not happening?


    ah hah. I never saw that little arrow!!! Thank you I’ll get back on it now!I knew it had to be something easy that I was missing!
    Many thanks!



    Hurray! Glad I could help.

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