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I have an error in homepage code that I can't change. What can I do?

  1. ininterruptamente

    Hi, I have a blog in wordpress and I was trying to change the theme. I changed my old theme (Ryu) to Adelle e saw that the sidebar of the "Home" page is below all posts, not on the right side, as normal. I have an "About" page too and the sidebar over there is normal and, when you go to a post page, is normal too; just on "home" page is below all posts. I compared the code of "Home" and "About" and the sidebar code is differente. You guys can compare too and see the problem. I tried another themes that has sidebar too, to see if the problem were just for a while and I have a kind of problem with the sidebar in all of them. Could you guys help me? I can't change the codes of my blog and this problem with the sidebar is really upsetting me about WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ininterruptamente


  3. You're welcome. It happens to most people, it seems.

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