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Why can't I access the wp-admin part of my blog?

  1. I have another blog I created, it is but I cannot access the wp admin part, every time I try it directs me to the other blog I have, what can I do?
    Blog url:

  2. Those blogs are setup on separate accounts. So, in order to edit, you must log in as the username that was used to create the blog.

    Try logging out of and logging back in with the correct username and you will be able to see the wp-admin pages.

  3. I already tried, but I will do it again, when I am in and go to the dashboard it redirects me to the dashboard og my other blog

  4. You are logged in as omardiaztraining right now, but that is not the right username for

    What username did you try logging in as?

  5. Thank you, I could finally access! Success! Thank you very much for your great help! SO fast! wow

  6. I'm happy I could help! Cheers. :)

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