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I have change my permalinks, but I couldn't do it...

  1. Hi!
    My friends give an advice me to change permalink sittings: "Change the bullet option to anything different and save it. Then change it back and save it again. That should bring your links up and working" But I couldn't do it...
    Can you change my permalinks, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Exactly what are you trying to achieve please?

    Your friends are apparently unaware that permalink structure cannot be changed on any free hosted WordPress.COM blogs like they can be changed on WordPress.ORG installs.

  3. Hi Timethief! They sand this message today:

    "If your still migrating your site over to bluehost, you will have
    access to those permalink settings once it is over here and you
    are correct that setting isn't on If your having
    trouble with the site over there you will need to speak with the
    technical support for".

    Only you can help change my permalinks, but I can't...

  4. Make friends at WordPress.ORG they are the keepers and supporters of the software you are now using -

  5. I want move to, but my site steel broken now. To fix it and to move need change permalinks. What can I do? Can you give me any help, please?

  6. I am flagging this post for assistance. Once looked at a Happiness Engineer will do the job for you.

  7. Not even the staff can change the Permalinks on as long as it is mapped to a blog here, and once the domain has been moved to a WordPress.ORG install you can change your own permalinks, but again the staff here will not change the permalinks because the staff only support blogs that are hosted on WordPress.COM.

    So flagging for the staff to change the Permalinks is a waste of time and effort for everyone

    Yes if you want the links to match on your new site you will need to change the Permalinks, but they need to be changed on your WordPress.ORG blog, you can change them before you do the import of you want - but you need to make friends at WordPress.ORG for help with changing the Permalinks if you don't know how or what you are doing - your friend does not understand WordPress.COM either or they would not ask for the Permalinks to be changed

  8. Thank you!

  9. You be welcome & good luck with the move

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