I have changed above address to lettersfromdeidre, but cannot send the posts?

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    As I changed The Porcelain Cup Teahouse to Letters from Deidre, I accidently created a double lettersfromdeidre, and I am trying to put my posts on Twitter-but when I attempt to do this, the other blog that is empty but with the same name lettersfromdeidre goes there-gets put on twitter-but there is no content. I tried deleting the second lettersfromdeidre, the one with no content- but I do not see an e-mail from you to confirm? which e-mail address are you using for this? and if I delete it will it delete all the contents of the formerly porcelaincup.wordpress.com blog?

    Thank you
    Blog url: http://porcelaincup.wordpress.com/




    Keep in mind that changing your blog’s title (what appears in the header) and changing your blog’s address (http://example.wordpress.com) are two separate things.

    It looks like you were able to delete http://porcelaincup.wordpress.com, which was named “Letters from Deidre.”

    If you’d like to connect your blog, http://lettersfromdeidre.wordpress.com, also named “Letters from Deidre”, to your Twitter account, you can do so at Settings -> Sharing in that blog’s dashboard.


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