I have created a menu. How do I organize my posts in the correct categories?

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    I have created a custom menu (Home, Fashionroot, Vox Pop and Konkurrencer).

    I need to know to organize my posts in order for them to be placed in the correct categories, so readers will only be able to see/access specific posts according to their correct position.
    Ex.: On Monday, I will create a poll. This should naturally only appear, if he clicks on the menu “Vox Pop” rather than any of the other menu points.

    I hope you can assist in this matter.
    Blog url: http://fashionroots.wordpress.com/


    When creating or editing posts, you simply need to assign them a category, see http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/categories/#adding-categories-with-the-categories-module for instructions on how to do that.



    Hi Vanilla,
    tnx for that very quick reply!

    I have already been through that process. It doesn’t seem to work at all. I even tried to create “pages” and then use those to create “menu categories” based on them. This didn’t work either. So I am pretty much out of ideas at this moment.



    Pages are a form of content, like posts, so they can’t actually contain posts.

    Instead of using a page, I recommend categorizing them with the same title as you intended for the pages and then add these categories to your menu.

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