I have it set to show summaries, so why does it still show full posts?

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    Under settings and reading, the fourth option down says “For each article in a feed, show”, and I have it set to summaries. Why is the main page still showing full texts? Is there somewhere else I have to set it as well?

    The blog I need help with is lehighgrad.wordpress.com.


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    Yes, but the setting

    For each article in a feed, show …

    affects only how a post goes out in an RSS feed.

    You can truncate your blog entries so that only the first part of certain posts is displayed on the home and archive pages.

    Here is how: http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/



    Wow, does it really? Everything else under settings and reading seems to apply to the blog. I don’t think our blog is even set up for RSS.

    How do I make sure that this applies to ALL posts. We’re going to have a lot of different bloggers, so I want to make sure they’re all uniform. I know this is possible as I contribute to group blogs and don’t add anything about truncating the post every time I submit. It’s automatic. How do I set it so that posts do this?



    This article says it’s not possible… but I know it is. I’m using this blog as a model: http://www.nassrgrads.com/
    I have never even heard of the more-tag, let alone used it. Yet, you still only see the summary for ALL posts on this blog.


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    The more tag works! Lots of folks in these forum ask about truncating their posts, so there have been quite a few which never heard of it before—give it a try and you’ll see.

    The site you show as an example is using a magazine style theme. WordPress.com has several themes which will display your posts in similar fashion. Take a look through the available themes here:
    (note, some of these themes will automatically truncate the posts, and with some you can make custom excerpts)

    As for your feed, I forgot to make the link clickable:

    All blogs on WordPress.com have several feeds. Here is an article about them:

    The following examples are feeds from the Official WordPress.com Blog. To use these with your own blog, just replace en.blog.wordpress.com with your own domain.
    As well as providing a feed for your post content, WordPress.com also provides several other types for your blog:



    I just want to make sure I understand: the only way to make the summaries automatic is to switch themes, is that right? Is there no way to know these things BEFORE you chose a theme? Is there one that offers ALL the features (bylines, summaries, etc)?

    I’m sure the more tag works… I just don’t know if it’s something we can expect all our bloggers to remember to do, especially since many of them will be first-time bloggers.



    Are there any other themes besides the magazine ones that will allow us to have bylines and summaries and widgets? Unfortunately, the magazine themes don’t really give us the set-up we want.

    Thanks again for your help!


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    I was using Imbalance for a while, and Chateau. They both have sidebars and the automatic truncation. As for bylines, most themes with multiple authors will display them. There is also an authors’ widget which will show readers to the archives by a specific person.

    • My advice, for choosing a theme you like is to make a second private blog to experiment with but out of public view.
    • Export your live site, import it to the experimental blog. That way you’ll have your actual content displayed and you can see exactly how one theme or another works with your material.
    • Then when you make a decision about the theme, it will be only a few minutes to set the live site up the same way you did for the experimental one.

    There are so many variations among the themes, and some themes can be set up in different ways, that experimenting is the best way to discover what suits your needs.



    Thanks for your help. Can you tell me how to do the import/export thing? If I change themes, will I lose anything that is already on the blog?



    One more question: I’m playing with the live preview of some of the blogs. The “forever” theme might work for us. However, the preview shows one post truncated but one post not. Why is that?


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    Export and import is really easy; you will not lose anything already on your live site. Actually, that is the reason I suggest this to forum users: you can continue to post and use the live blog while you experiment with the test blog as much as you like:
    from your live blog:

    It’s your content; you can do whatever you like with it. Go to Tools -> Export in your WordPress.com dashboard to download an XML file of your blog’s content.

    note: don’t bother trying to open that file—just be sure to save it where you can easily find it again. Best not to change its name when you save it.
    For the experiment blog:

    You can also easily import content here from another WordPress.com or WordPress.org blog or web site (choose the WordPress option).

    Once complete, change themes on the experimental site to your heart’s content! One thing I would suggest is to save custom text widgets to a plain text file (just in case). Meanwhile continue posting and updating your regular site as usual.

    (edit to add: changing themes won’t loose anything. It’s sort of like changing your dress—you may need some different accessories, but it’s still you there)


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    Forever is a popular theme, but not one I’ve used for my own blogs. Please excuse me but right at this moment, I have a coffee cake coming out of the oven so I’ll be away for a while.

    Do try the experimental blog. Then you will see for yourself. Also carefully read the info about whichever theme you are experimenting with.
    Here is info about Forever:

    If another volunteer does not add to this thread with more info, and you need more info, I’ll be back after the coffee klatch…



    Forever does not create excerpts automatically. For auto excerpts, with a widget sidebar, check Chateau, Fusion, Origin, Oxygen, Sight, Sunspot, The Morning After.

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