I have lost my latest post

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    I used 2 different computers while composing my post. I finished on one, without realizing the post was still open on the other one. I posted it online, and a few hours later continued to work on the second laptop. Now, my post has reverted to an earlier version, with a large part of the text missing, and on my revisions I see a bunch of revisions belonging to the last half hour, none of which I manually saved.

    I am trying to desperately find my original post..

    Is there anywhere that holds an archive of actual published posts? Not the working revisions only?

    The blog I need help with is thevirtualstory.wordpress.com.



    Only the RSS feed. Are you subscribed to your own feed?



    No unfortunately not … And this is the last time I’m posting solely on wordpress.. All the list of 25 revisions, it autosaved each minute the laptop was open, on its own! I only save a draft when I revise, apparently it is also making its own saves, which completely messed up everything. A good day’s work is gone..

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