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I have lost my top menu line

  1. Within the last hour the top menu bar (dashboard, New Post, Edit Post,etc) has disappeared from my blogs. I have tried the usual things (flush cache, restart browser, etc) but to no avail.

    Anyone else?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I was about to post about the same problem. Not just me then. I guess it's some kind of general bug which will soon be fixed...

  3. Soory - I should have added that I can see the menu bar when I'm in the Dashboard, but not in any of the posts or pages of my blogs. I am using the Black Letterhead theme.

  4. Same here I just logged in and lost the admin bar as well but when I visited the forums the bar re- appeared I'm guessing that staff is tinkering with something on the back end.

  5. Hello,

    Yep, me too at
    and yet I did not delete it [heaven's no]!

    At first, I was told that the blog name was not registered.
    Now, I can visit but the administrative top bar menu is gone.
    So, any advice or explanation is appreciated.

    PS: Is there a backup against accidental deletion?
    How does it work?, etc.


  6. I'll "modlook" the thread to grab staffs attention.

  7. evelynyvonnetheriault

    I can access my blog ( via
    Admin bar doesn't appear at top of home page but I can still access though little EDIT button at the bottom of individual posts.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  8. Same here, top menu bar gone on my blogs, and I came into Support to see if their was a problem.

  9. Same here.

  10. Ah and I made a new topic just a minute ago, sorry for that, but now I know it's not just me. Guess they're working on something at wordpress.

  11. That's my guess also that they are tinkering with something on the back end.

    @starsquid No worries I put a link to this thread and closed your thread to help keep the confusion down to a minimum.

  12. Glad to see I am not alone with this ... was getting very frustrated ... so I guess we should just be patient ...

  13. Mine is also gone. Not when I'm in the actual dashboard, but whenever I go to another page or to the blog itself, it just vanished. Go WordPress-people, you can fix this! Please?

  14. We are checking that and will get it fixed asap.

  15. churtjuniorsfc

    it's made it unusable

  16. Good to know I am not alone....


    Gremlins are out today....

  17. The admin bar is missing from our blog, as well.

  18. @t3ck
    Yea I wasn't looking, and instantly created a new topic hehe.
    I think the "Menu bar in my site is gone" topic before me is also concerning this.

  19. @starsquid Thanks for alerting me to the new thread about this topic.

  20. Should be fixed - Barry got it all going again.

  21. Yep, seems to be working for me again ... thanks guys!

  22. Working on my end again thank you for your fast response to fix this matter.

  23. Find on my blog too, thanks!

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