I have mutiple domains and having problems getting into them

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    Probably a basic question, but I can’t find the answer. I have Hostgator and purchased three domains…..I used Fantasico to install WP in all three domain names…..When I installed WP in my main domain, I had no problem accessing my dashboard and changing things, but I added my other domain in the “add new blog” area(I read that this is what I do) I could only add my domain name without the .com ending, so it just shows up as http://mydomain.wordpress.com. I can go into this domain through my dashboard, but when I go to Presentation to switch to the theme that I uploaded, it just shows the classic theme and a selection of a bunch of themes that I do not have installed, but it does not show the one that I uploaded. This probably does not make sense, but I am very new to this. I basically want to access all three domain names from my dashboard and change themes and other things.

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