I have never been treated as bad as on WordPress

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    Well I have been online for 2 decades and I have done business with many different companies. I have found that wordpress is the most rude and hardest to deal with company I have ever seen. They have no real valid email address, they are all bots, that from time to time people check. All the phone numbers they post are just machines. It is free so I don’t expect too much. But what I did not expect was for them to delete my blog for no good reason and then claim TOS violation. After that they even diabled my access to the forum, I guess they don’t want people questioning them, or bursting the false sense of content protection. When I did make a new account and start to talk about it people saw my side, and the powers that be quickly shut down the thread. Click here to see it https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/my-3-year-old-popular-blog-got-suspended-and-i-have-no-idea-why?replies=20

    I have given up on ever getting my blog restored, I have made a new one at a different location. I have been working hard finding my blog entries all over the net and reposting them.

    Just know this….
    YOUR TRAFFIC, YOUR CONTENT, YOUR COMMUNITY CAN all be taken away overnight, with no recourse, no community input, and very little you can do to get it back, so plan your actions accordingly.

    I really doubt this post even lasts 12 hours…..



    Your blogs were removed because you broke the rules you agreed to when you signed up.

    Do you really want to discuss it on an open forum?



    But that was the key. I never broke the rules. They say I broke the rule about MLM promotion or something. Less than 5% of my content was about that. I would like it back up, even if just for one day, so that I can move it to my server. That is all I ask now.



    OK. You guys finally put it back up, I was able to download everything and import it into my new blog. I would really like to be able to do it for my other two blogs I had with you , just put it online today only and then you can delete it forever. You can even set it as hidden just so I can go in there and download it.

    Thanks for pulling through and doing good for my main blog.

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