I have NO idea why I was charged for a free site??????????

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    I’m going to dispute the transaction, but I’m hoping I can deal with it here instead of having to file a dispute and wasting my time as well as yours……Can you please tell me why I got an $18 charge on my visa for a free site? Am I missing something???? I don’t know if I have a rogue ‘site’ out there or what?????

    The blog I need help with is lifeofsugar.com.



    Hi there,

    $18 is the cost of a .com domain on WordPress.com, but the account you’re using to post here has never bought any domains or any other upgrades from us, and we don’t even have a credit card on file for you that we could have charged. Do you own any domains that you know of, or do have any other WordPress.com accounts?

    lifeofsugar.com that you indicated above belongs to a different account, asjoynes – your account is an admin on that site, but asjoynes owns the site and the domain. When was the charge you’re speaking of? That domain renewed in October last year.

    If you don’t think it’s for that, and you have no other idea what the charge could be for, please search for the transaction at https://wpchrg.wordpress.com/ . You’ll also be able to contact our billing support team directly so they can continue helping you with this via email – we cannot get the billing info to track down the transaction from you here in the public forums.

    I would advise against filing a dispute. Once we receive a dispute your site will be disabled pending payment of a chargeback fee, besides which it can take eight to twelve weeks for you to receive your refund in that case, and only if our payments processor finds in your favour in the dispute. Rather work with our billing support team to figure out what this is for, and they’ll be able to refund you immediately once we’ve confirmed the correct account.


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