I have only one picture -so far- on my blog/post. the other day it vanished!

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    vanishing picture
    My one and only picture vanished. It took me hours to figure out to put a picture on my post and I felt really proud of myself for having mastered the technology. I signed out then came in again as a visitor to make sure it really had got published. Fine . Looked again a few days later and it had gone! If I go to my Gallery and go through the lengthy process again with all its pitfalls how can I be sure it won’t just vanish again?

    The blog I need help with is zingcreed.wordpress.com.



    We can’t help you without:

    1) a direct link to the post where this is happening

    2) the URL of the image itself

    3) the information about whether the picture is visible in your Media library.

    If you want to save time learning the basics, go through http://learn.wordpress.com and http://support.wordpress.com/



    Hi Raincoaster, thanks for dealing with 3 of my queries. Re. vanishing picture (1) this is happening at http://zingcreed.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/the-actual-zingcreed-itself. The picture with no text can now be found on the same link with the suffix /fuego-3/ I’m not getting the 2 together on one post.
    I highlighted this and clicked on link, shouldn’t it have turned blue and become a link for you? Well it didn’t.
    (2) By URL I can only assume you mean the internet code for this picture. This long website also won’t convert into a link for you:- http://www.servicios koinonia.org/cerezo/imagines/He%20venido%20a%20traer%20fuego%20a%20la%20Tierra.jpg
    (3)Picture is visible in my Media Library



    You’re hotlinking from another website, so if and when they go offline or decide to remove or change the picture, it will change or vanish from your blog. Always, always save the picture to your hard drive, upload it to your media library, and post it to your blog that way, giving credit to the original source. Otherwise, you run into these kinds of problems.

    The page link http://zingcreed.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/the-actual-zingcreed-itself does not appear to exist. Is it still a draft or something? I can’t help a post I can’t find.

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