I have Problems with featured posts slider

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    Thx in advance !

    Im using itheme 2 and i want to have that featured posts slider, i’ve clearly followed the instructions from the theme’s showcase, it says to make it sticky in the <dashboard>posts>The post>make this post stiky<. this is what people suggests to me also. i have looked around the FAQ’s and forums that handle this area and nothing found. .. can u help me ?

    i do however think that it has something to do with the pictures of the posts?
    would love any input from you guys


    The blog I need help with is emilpope.wordpress.com.


    Your post needs to have a featured image to show up in the slider. Sticky posts without a featured image will show up only in the body of the page if you have the reading setting set to that.

    HOWEVER, there is a bug going on with iTheme2 right now, where the featured sticky posts, which are supposed to only be in the slider, are also showing up as sticky in the body of the page. I am trying to fix this on our site now but my workaround of yesterday isn’t working today… http://www.oxingalerecords.com

    Best of luck!



    hey thx for your reply!

    i have pictures in almost all my posts, it might be my english but to my understanding “feature” means – with or to have, or a spice way of saying it has, as in: “my posts features a picture, simply by me adding them when posting, with a picture.”

    or is there some specific thing i have to do to make the picture “featured”

    thx again ! ;)



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