I have Q's about the Flexible width & sharing buttons blow the post in Coraline

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    Q1: I can seem to expand the width of my blog like the theme demo or the other blogs I have seen using the Coraline theme. My pictures are stacked/overlapping the sidebar widget. I like the size of my pictures, I want to make the width of the theme wider. I dont want the narrow look…I chose this theme because it has the flexible width option. I cant figure it out!

    Q2: How can I add more sharing social networking buttons beneath my post i.e. twitter, pinrest ? I only see the options of email and print buttons.

    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is nichebeckarrblog.wordpress.com.



    1. We Volunteers can view private blogs and cannot see what you have done.
    2. Private blogs have fewer sharing options > http://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/#troubleshooting



    oops! can = cannot



    Thank you for your for responding. I put the blog as public so you can see what my issue:)




    Coraline isn’t really a flexible width theme, it’s semi-flexible: it shrinks to adapt to smaller screens but it doesn’t stretch past a certain (not very wide) maximum. You need a different theme.


    Thanks!! So what theme do you suggest?? I was looking to possibly go the wordpress.org route and download the software to upload other free themes or use the PageLines options. I like the PageLines drag and drop flexibility. What do you think?

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