I have questions before I upgrade

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    I want to talk to a real person from WordPress before I upgrade.


    The board is full of real people. Some of us only act like Bots.

    State your questions and someone will respond when they can.


    Sorry it just seems so automated …
    Anyhoo, I’m confused. I’m looking to upgrade, but all I want is to be able to link to Google + and claim Google+ authorship. This is a big deal for me. Otherwise I’ve been pretty happy. I would like to be able to add some apps. Can I do this with an upgrade or do I have to get my own domain and host and transfer my entire blog to do it?



    I also want to link to Google+ and claim Google+ authorship from my WordPress blog. Also huge for me. I understand that I may need WordPress 3.5, but so far that information has eluded me as it is not easy to find. Please respond at your earliest. thank you.

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