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I have received Transaction Id and my upgrade is not visible in my upgrades

  1. I could not find my upgrade option even though i got transaction id in my mail. After I have made a payment, the window was struck during the process but i have received 4 transaction ids. Do i get charged 4 times or one time, why my payment is not visible in my upgrades?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are a dozen or so people reporting upgrades and domain problems right now. You're not alone. I'll flag this for staff attention, same as the other threads.

  3. What will happen with that? This site don't even have a phone support. Why my transaction is not appearing in my upgrades? What could be the reason?

  4. I don't know, I'm just a volunteer. All I know is that when staff start in the morning they'll see a big issue and they'll prioritize fixing it.

  5. The browser message has asked me to do a refresh after some time, and when i refresh, i have gotten 4 transaction ids and nothing is seen in my upgrades. What is the email id to sent a complaint as well?

  6. Support at wordpress dot com but the wait for email support is at least a week. Following the forum is going to be faster.

  7. Thanks, but what do you think, will it be resolved ?

  8. I have absolutely no idea.

  9. Oh, yes it will be resolved. When it'll be resolved is anyone's guess, but I'd bet the first thing staff will do is disable the Store ie Upgrades while they find out what's going wrong. Then they'll refund people who didn't get what they asked for or got double charged. Then they'll put through the transactions once ti's fixed, or they will tell people to do the transactions over.

  10. Thanks. That is really helpful. If they do not maintain the system properly, why should they charge people in the first go ??

  11. You want me to answer questions of corporate existentialism now? I'm going to charge for that.

  12. Thats a nice one

  13. You appear to be under the impression I'm staff. You would be incorrect: I'm just a blogger who happens to be familiar with the way staff works here.

  14. I am not at all under that opinion. The moment you said you are a volunteer, I understood you are a blogger. That is why in my previous question I have used they instead of you :)

  15. Sorry, I get touchy when there's a pervasive bug and I'm the only person in the forum responding to it. Staff should send me a nice laptop to make up for it.

  16. Well... I'm not a Staff member, but I send you a big thank you for your kind answers... reading them here and there is encouraging!

  17. Yes Gardentourist. My problem is atleast temporarily solved. :) We should thank raincoaster for the support

  18. Aww, you're welcome. Glad it seems to be sorted.

  19. Earlier today we had some technical difficulties with our upgrades systems. For a a short time this morning, anyone who tried to purchase or renew products with us were charged but their items did not end up in their account or get renewed.

    We have fixed the issue on our end and have made sure that if you attempted to purchase or renew your upgrade more than once that all additional upgrades have been refunded to you!

    We strongly recommend that you log in to your account's Dashboard and navigate to the Store link and then to My Upgrades to review what items are currently in your account. If there are any items missing you can purchase them through your Dashboard >> Store.

    If you attempted to purchase a domain, we do apologize, but you will need to attempt purchasing it again by adding it via Store >> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

    We sincerely apologize for this confusion and inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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