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Is Internet Explorer 9 compatible with ?

  1. When I click to visit freshly pressed and tages or my subscriptions the page loads but all the boxes disappear. If I refresh it will work, but adverts etc all float to the top left. Is this IE9? should I scrap it and use something else?


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  2. IE9 is a recent browser and should not have any compatibility issues, but you can try loading the same pages with another browser to narrow the source of the problem to the browser.

    If this is positive, please try clearing your IE9 cache, then reload the same pages again.

  3. I tried clearing the cache etc, made no difference. I have just loaded Chrome and it is working fine, everything seems to be in the right place. Has this happened to anyone else do you know?

  4. May I ask you if you are using Vista or Windows 7?

  5. windows 7 64bit

  6. The idiots, I just found that the top tick box in IE9 delete history etc tab is needed to be unchecked to delete the website data, and the rest need to be checked. I need to read things and IE9 needs to think about how people work. Double bloody negatives, I hate them. But things are still not appearing when they should.


  7. The important thing is to be sure that the "Temporary Internet Files" option is checked when you delete your cache.

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