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I have to approve my own comment to my own blog

  1. Here's something new: Not only do I have to approve my own comment to my own blog, I've had to approve a few of my comments that I posted on other people's blogs as well. I have an example of the former, but not the latter. Very strange.

    New comment waiting approval on f-stop fantasy
    Cris commented on Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope 2 (Rising Sun)

    Yes, at first, when Hope came up as this week's photo challenge, I wasn't sure what to do. I then started looking at others' interpretation of the theme and that sort of woke me up. This photo challenge is pretty cool, I think. It gets me off my duff. This Hope interpretation I took on Jan. 27 and it is right across the street. You just never know.

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    More information about Cris

    E-mail: [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're not the only person with this issue. Report it to staff via your dashboard Help button.

    Here's teh other thread

  3. disorderlychickadee

    Me too. I have set comments to "Comment author must have a previously approved comment" and I've made more comments on my blog than anyone else! None of the other prior commenters are triggering the emails.

    I'm now getting an email for every comment that I make on my own blog, and the email shows my gravatar as an unregistered user, even though when making the comment it recognizes my WP login, shows the proper gravatar, etc.

    The fix for this was identified 7 years ago for distributions:

  4. disorderlychickadee

    I should also note that I recently changed my display name, and if that triggered the sudden emails then it seems like a bug deserving of a fix.

    I've contacted staff.

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