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I have to reset password every time to login...

  1. is my blog in question. I have to do a password reset every time I want to log in, this is very annoying! [strong]Please Help![/strong]

  2. That URL doesn't go anywhere. It does not appear to be attached to a blog.

  3. Sorry I put up a coming soon page, it seems to have fixed itself, weird. Thank you for your replies.

  4. Its not fixed, this is annoying. I tried changing the email with no luck as someone else mentioned. Anybody having similar issues?

  5. Your URL does not seem to even be registered.

  6. its a typo. The URL is however its not open to the public. The problem lies with the password. Once I recover the password and create it again it works till the cache is cleared.

  7. I have also tried re-installing with no luck.

  8. From our end of things as Volunteers answering support questions what we need to know is whether or not this question directly pertain to a blog being free hosted by wordpress.COM. Free hosted wordpress.COM blogs and wordpress.ORG installs run on different software and there are two different support forums. Please read this because I strongly suspect you may be posting to the wrong forum >

  9. Yup, that site is hosted at godaddy.

  10. Sorry about that.

  11. Best wishes with your blog.

  12. I'm having trouble logging in. I can't even get to the admin page. I'm a new member trying to set up my first blog .Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Check that last post I'm supposed to be in org.

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