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I have two blogs, and I want to delete just one of them, how?

  1. dontmuenchenit

    I have two blogs I started under my account. My account user name is dontmuenchenit. The blog URL associated with the user name that i would like to delete is I do have another blog listed under the same user name of dontmuenchenit with the URL This is the one that i am actively using. Both of these blog URL's have the same blog title "Jennifer's Mentionables."

    Here is my question, if i delete the blog with the URL of will it impact the searchability of the blog? Also will any content be lost?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When we register a username here at we provide an email address that becomes our unique indetifier. When we are logged into under a username account every blog we register will be registered to that username account. If we have two blogs registered under the same username account we can delete one blog and not affect the other blog. Deleting a blog is forever. The URL cannot be recycvled and reused by anyone so we Volunterrs recommend making them "private" instead and using them as test blogs.

  3. dontmuenchenit

    I wanted to delete the dontmuenchenit URL/Blog because when i do a google search for my blog title which is "Jennifer's Mentionables" the donmuenchenit blog entries are listed in the google results. Right now i have it set to private so it requires a password, but I'd rather it not show up at all when i do a search. The active blog with the url jennifersmentionables is not coming up at all. How can I get that one to come up in the google search results? Instead of dontmuenchenit? By deleting the dontmuenchenit blog/url?

  4. No, that won't help.

    Search engines will still point to it, but the links will be broken. You might as well just set it as Private. Once your other blog is more popular, search engines will point to it.

  5. It takes anywhere from 3 - 6 months for Google to clear their caches and until they do that the links to indexed content will appear in the SERPs (search engine page results).

  6. dontmuenchenit

    thanks raincoaster and timethief.

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