i have two blogs and only want one kindvanafrika16

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    i have two blogs, kindvanafrikablog and kindvanafrika16, i want to combine the two and only have one!!!
    i would like to have kindvanafrika16 as my blog, could you assist me ??????
    Blog url: http://kindvanafrika16.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is kindvanafrika16.wordpress.com.



    That’s not possible. A blog is a single.
    See,let me give you the example of marriage.
    There’s a single man and a single woman.
    They get married.
    Now for the blog.
    There’s Blog 1 and there’s Blog 2.
    They can’t get married(combined).
    Well,in my knowledge,I don’t think it’s possible.
    Maybe contact WP support and then see.

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