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i have uploaded my photo and it still doesnt show up on my blog. how do i get th

  1. mexicanbeachbum

    i have uploaded my photo and it still doesnt show up on my blog. how do i get the public to see my photo?
    Blog url:

  2. You need to both upload it and insert it in the post.

  3. mexicanbeachbum

    Thanks, I was hoping my photo would default in the post, instead of having to upload it in every post I make. bummer. thanks

  4. If you want your gravatar and your "About you" information found here > Users > My Profile to display ate the end of every one of your posts automatically there are some themes that provide that feature.

  5. mexicanbeachbum

    thanks for the help, i am trying that idea, different themes, and its working!! thanks to everyone offering answers.

  6. I see you are now using Skeptical and it has an author profile and gravatar display below each of your posts. You're welcome. :)

  7. mexicanbeachbum

    Thanks timethief, that is what I was looking for, plus I uploaded a custome header graphic, and my photo and bio shows at the bottom, this is so great! thanks again

  8. mexicanbeachbum

    timethief, your photo AND background is very striking!

  9. Thank you. :) As soon as I answer the questions that piled up last night I'll be able to finish my new post and publish it.

  10. mexicanbeachbum

    now that I changed the background color, my photo at the bottom disappeared. I will have to go figure it out...bummer

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