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I haven't got a bog roll?

  1. How is one supposed to do one if she doesn't have a clue? Help would be brill.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Andrex is my favourite, I'd suggest you nip to Tesco. Three for two offer.

  3. Well if you haven't got bog roll, may I suggest newspaper.

  4. @corkscrewboo
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  5. My keyboard needs to go back to school or give up the vino haha, thanks for the suggestions guy's *said with tongue in cheek* very funny and thank you timethief for your reply, you have cleared things up for me, I thought a blogroll was a totally different thing to links I'm such a ding-bat thanks

  6. It's sad, isn't it. I haven't got a bogroll either. But then I don't actually want a bogroll in my bog... er, blog.

  7. lolololol.

  8. lol @ absurdoldbird haha! It was late and I was tired..... honest

  9. Actually, AOB - I think you would want a roll in your bog - a toilet roll! Given the colloquial meaning, that is.

  10. Just use a couple of singles if there are no paper towels.

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