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I [heart] WordPress logo competition

  1. Buttons page - I'll include any that people are happy for them to be there. To save cluttering up the thread, send in a feedback or a support email with the url to your button.
    I'll grab it, upload it here and do a page (or two) in the FAQ.

  2. The last post by nosysnoop:

    I believe the lady is wearing a g-string... that counts as nudity in some states.

    IMHO, you should start a blog with just these image and it'll be wildly popular ')

  3. a wallpaper, from donncha:

  4. @timethief -
    yeah, i broke out the sharpie for the heart.

  5. evolvingtrends

    Wank, I might use this or a rendition of it on my blog:

  6. Yes, that was me sticking religiously to the original brief ;)

  7. yeah, the original brief fell by the wayside pretty quick, didn't it?

    as much as this is totally not my thing, it's really cool.

  8. Made sticky

  9. Hi everyone,
    I've notified Podz that there are 15 buttons in various colours at

  10. Make Matt happy. Someone make one with some BBQ in the background. :)

  11. @drmike,
    Okay, okay - so are you talking pig, cow, goat or lamb? I mean I'm for certain sure that you're not talking Matt on a spit and wank turning the handle are you? [Now don't anyone be offended by this light hearted nonsense folks. It's so hot here I'm practically delirious so we're having cold cuts and ice cream for supper.] :D

    P.S. You did notice how dangerous a little knowledge can be, right? Now that you told me how to use "paint" I'm obessessed. %)

  12. thereflectiveteacher

  13. evolvingtrends

    I think I've been seduced by the dark side: look to your right, under 'navigation'

    I changed my mind and instead of putting an "I [heart] WordPress" I put an "I [crown] WordPress" one as in I ruled WordPress (for a day that is!)

    It was pretty tempting. I couldn't resist.


  14. evolvingtrends

    But I'll make one with a HEART

    (I feel guilty already)


    Do you guys like that font? It's "American Typewriter" just like the one used in "I [heart] NY"

    I have to find a nice big heart.


  15. @therereflection - Yo there you really cracked me up with your BBQ! lol

    @evolvingtrends - To heck with the heart what you've got now is super kewl. The injection of the red was inspired. The font goes well with the crown. I would make it smaller but that's totally subjective.

  16. My so-called 'serious' entries below:

    I [heart] WordPress

    I [bone] WordPress

    I [rule] WordPress

    I [blow up (creative explosion)] WordPress

    My first entry:



    Thanks to those auto-shapes in Photoshop ... I have zero drawing talent! lol


  17. thanks timethief


  18. thereflectiveteacher

    Thanks, timethief.

  19. i'm using the bbq one it's absolutely hilarious!

    once wordcamp is over, i'll use the bloack heart-shaped logo with the 'w' inside.

    tt i like the keyboard one you did with i love wp i love blogging.

    you guys are sooooo creative. i suck at art, period.

  20. sulz - I like the heart best of all too. But get rid of this "I suck at art" attitude, please. There's really nothing to it I just made 20 buttons. It's easy.

  21. Here are my favorites, though I liked Marc's simple logos as well (Evolving Trends)

  22. evolvingtrends

    The one I like the most is the beach one because it couldn't be more real... To think of the WordPress user experience when you're facing the vastness of the ocean is way beyond what one might call 'customer loyalty' and to actually write that in the sand in such huge letters.. that's true love right there!

    On second thought, I could pass for a marketing guy or a romance novelist, easily! ')

  23. so evolvingtrends is a guy... another gender discovered and no surprises there.

  24. I confess I was just putting you on sulz. Like you I believe that "poppy" is a girl.:D

  25. The BBQ one is great. I'm thinking of a Disney theme next for me. :)

  26. evolvingtrends

  27. @drmike -
    heart-shapd steak on a wordpress grill?

    i need help.

  28. evolvingtrends

    "Heart-shaped steak and W-engraved grill"

    When the going gets weird the weird gets weirder ...


    But you ain't seen nothin' yet ..

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