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I [heart] WordPress logo competition

  1. Hi.
    Some Japanese WP users work on We love WordPress.
    These are a few logos but some photos.
    Hope you like them.

    p.s. Owner of flickr's account is Otsukare( &

  2. These are really great - thanks for putting this together and posting it.

  3. Got this from a web 2.0 logo generator.
    I heart WordPress

  4. It's cool but what's with the "beta" hmmmm lol

  5. So here's a new one :)


  6. very nice :)

  7. Pretty. I would be happy to have that logo on my site.

  8. Cool beans

  9. i like it ampin

    that's creative

  10. thanks dude :)

  11. @range ( it exlodes with web2.0.

  12. I don't know if this will be posted as a reply to teh last or to the Thread, so let's see how it works.

    This is my logo in 2 versions. I am a very conservative person and I think logos with hearts are cool, but I want to add it later. I watt you to see what I did and later will post the heart logo.


  13. And this is my preferred logo:

    There should be more competitions like these, with different subjects. It could easily become something similar to Illustration Friday.

  14. @heliocentric
    Very nice logos - very clean and professional looking - and also a nice change in colour choices too - good on you. I like the idea of an ongoing illustration and creation project. :)

  15. Thanks! I came onboard too late so it seems the "competition" has ended, but it triggered me to draw. Anyway, It would be nice to have that kind of activity but somehow make it different from Illustration Friday and another one that is monthly and another one... etc... I guess wordpress woudl have to differentiate itself fro others.

    Thanks again...

  16. I found a nice generator in this page. :) Check it out!


  17. risenphoenix: v. cute. i'm going to use it in my blog.

  18. @risenphoenix -


  19. @kamel
    ^^ thumbs up for letting us know

  20. I cold not resist but send more:




    Less conservative these ones since Ithink most of the bloggers are young.

  21. djdjdjrjdjdj272737373737

    I blogged about WordPress early this year and made an 'I Heart WordPress' image based on the I Heart NYC one. See it here:

    The classic font used for this is American Typewriter.

  22. I'm adding to this very old thread because I frequently notice it in my referrers. I have long since taken down all the images that I submitted to this topic so you will not find them on my blog. :)

  23. Another one, based on my fav: Knoizky's.

  24. millaq: cute. =)

  25. sulz: Isn't it? Thanks! :)

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