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I [heart] WordPress logo competition

  1. evolvingtrends

    I would put up a small "I [Heart] WordPress" on my blog if I can find one.

    I"m not a graphics designer so I wouldn't want to attempt designing one.

    But may be there should be a competition.. The winning design would generate lots of traffic for the designer

    Just an idea

  2. I know I have a bee in my bonnet about the excessive number of theme competitions, but a logo competition is something I could seriously get behind. A six-year-old with a copy of Paint could come up with a better one than the current woeful effort.

    Of course, the winner would never be adopted by or .org (theme competition winners aren't, so a logo would have no chance), so maybe it could be the unofficial community logo to be used by anyone who doesn't have permission to use the official one.

  3. thereflectiveteacher

    Here's my 5 minute effort.

    I agree with an "I heart WP" contest because Podz and Donncha helped me out just this morning.

  4. evolvingtrends


    That looks good but I was thinking of using the "I [heart] NY" font (courier?) regardless of how mediocre that may look. I just don't like the font they use in the current logo.


    Let's have a competition .. be creative.. everything goes (but no nudity)


  5. (1) serious category

    I like this one best but it's black, you know as in black heart, which is not a "love" connotation.

    (2) humour
    honourable mention for drmike's

    (3) glamour
    nosy's but version 2 may be disqualified for violation of the nudity rule

    off to do my own ...

  6. Hearts and flowers are not for me. My first entry is here


    all credit goes to ghyslain.

    serious entry after dinner.

  8. This is awesome, thanks guys. :)

    Wank, cheer up!

  9. Here's my second one
    Hhmmm maybe I'll do a pink one next.

  10. I tried to put animated fireowrks but it wouldn't work. lol Only the glitter graphics.

  11. Nosysnoop, you've won on the glam factor alone.

    Those were kick-ass hilarious and perfectly suited for everyday use (I can't see the contradiction)

    Unfortunately, the competition must go on.


    Timethief, are those multi-mode, plastic-clad optical fibers or are you just glad to see me?

    They look cool. High tech.

    My attempt will be published soon.


  12. I SWEAR this is the last one. lol I have to go update:

  13. Ding dong I screwed up and posted the wrong one. Customers were beating me with their wallet what can I say I got confused. I'm on a roll so let's rock. Lots more to come. But in between here's the correct version on the header and all the rest will have to go into posts as I make them on the same site. Gotta eat in between though.
    wordpress for blogging live wires -

    ps.s. evolvingtrends I have a passion for live wires [she said with a wicked smile]:?

  14. evolvingtrends

  15. @ sunburntkamel - nice entry.

    @evolving trends - really cool!

    I've eaten and I'm heading back to the drawing board.

  16. matt said:

    "Wank, cheer up!"


  17. This is lots of fun.
    I loved the unique heart - is it your own creation?

    @nosy - the skyline was to die for - which city is it?

    My latest is "Wordpress - the light at the end ot the blogging tunnel"

    P.S. Have to take a break. Will be back soon.

  18. evolvingtrends

    It's not a blogging tunnel. It's a blogging train.

    A train can also be in a tunnel ... which gives us a subway.

    Semantically speaking that is.

  19. evolvingtrends

    That skyline looks like the Boston harbor.

    Either that or I'm confusing it with Toronto.

  20. I don't know. I just Googled Skyline.

  21. I really like sunburntkamel... I thought that was really kewl.


  22. I did three more and I obeyed the rules - it's not a nude
    blog with the best
    wordpress for the world
    I love wordpress (with hearts) (which by the way is an empty blog so the stats don't count for anything)

  23. i just want to say thanks to you guys for these adorably creative wp logos, i've saved many of them into my computer and will use them one by one. will they be included in the buttons page for the wp faq? they should. or even better we could have a real competition for these buttons by setting up a voting site to vote for the best logo.


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