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Why aren't my Jetpack stats graphs being displayed?

  1. The jet pack seems to be working, BUT I want the graph of the stats to display. I want the graph enough to deactivate jetpack and reactivate wordpress stats.

    Can you tell me why it's not working and how to fix it?

    The charts of stats seem to be the same as wordpress stats and they are working.

    Blog url:

  2. Sorry for the trouble with this. Is the graph displaying at all (i.e. is the frame loading and the data is blank) or is the entire stats area not loading anything?

    If you could take a screenshot and send along a link to that it would be great. Also, what other plugins are you running on your site? It may be that one of those is conflicting with Jetpack. Thanks!

  3. The graph is the only part not showing. There is the blank spot where the info should be displayed. I took the screenshot. Here's the link:


  4. This graph should be visible. May I ask you to check the same page with another browser, Chrome or Safari, to check if it could be a browser related issue?

  5. I tried in Safari. Same thing.

    The graph doesn't show on the Dashboard either on either browser. But the list of stats do show up on the page and the Dashboard.

  6. From your first question, I presume that you have deactivated and deleted the previous WordPress Stats plugin.

    Do you have many other plugins activated? This issue could be due to a conflict between plugins, in which case to isolate the one causing it, you should try deactivating all plugins but Jetpack, test if the graph appears again, and if yes, activate your plugins one by one, and test the graph after each activation.

  7. I deactivated WordPress Stats, but didn't delete it because I was going to reactivate it if JetPack doesn't work.

    The WordPress app on my iPhone still works the same as before (neat bar graphs).

  8. Can you delete WordPress Stats (you can easily install it again if you need it) and, if it is not enough, can you test the other plugins as well?

  9. deactivated everything but jetpack and still no go.

  10. Won't that mean I'll loose all my previous stats data? Or is it in JetPack?

  11. You won't lose any data, we never delete Stats Data, and as the tables are filled, the problem appears to be only in the graph display.

    I am replying in a private support email now to see how we can try to help you.

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