I just bought blogger packet it has 6 GB

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    I just bought blogger packet it has 6 GB
    before i brought the packet I could import 3996 posts

    Now after i brought more GB I’m now waiting for rest of my tumblr’s blog it was called “fuwybunny”I have 68000 posts left to my blog on wordpress to import

    I have waited 24 hours before contact and it still hasn’t imported anything so I’m worried.

    The blog I need help with is fuybun.wordpress.com.


    Hi there,

    I have added MODLOOK to this thread so staff can help you with this issue.

    Please keep patience while someone from support staff gets back to you.





    Okay thank you



    Hi there,

    It appears the Tumblr import on your site has failed, so I’ve reset the importer so you can try again. Please let us know if it hasn’t completed after 24 hours.

    If some posts have already imported they will be skipped by the importer during your next attempt, so they should not be duplicated.

    If you have 68000 posts to import it’s likely the importer will time out and stall again, so let us know in this thread should we need to reset the importer again.

    6GB refers to the amount of storage available for media files, i.e. images, documents and audio files, on your site. All WordPress.com sites come with 3GB free media storage, and the Blogger plan adds an additional 3GB. You’re currently using about half of the available storage in the Blogger plan.

    That has nothing to do with how many posts you can have on your site – disk space for all sites hosted on WordPress.com is unlimited, meaning there is no maximum number of posts or pages you can have on a site. Running out of available media storage space won’t prevent you from creating or importing any more posts, it will only prevent more image files from being imported.



    Understandable thanks so much
    I will contact again if not anything importing after 24 hours



    I think you need to reset the importer again because its not done importing and


    Hi there,

    I have deleted the import job. Can you please try running the import again?

    If it fails again, please let us know and we can investigate further for you.

    Many thanks!



    I need help to reset the importer again
    Its 23556 posts left
    I’m almost done importing so thank for your help

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