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I just got one of my blog posts stolen 15 times!

  1. Hah talk about payback! I am guessing one of the initial sploggers I shut down wanted to get me for getting rid of his splog :D.

    Anyone else here have such random experiences?

    This has all been within a week of each other and I think there will be more theft to follow. All from the same host.

    Anyone gotten their blog stolen more often?

    Share your random stories of theft haha.

  2. i had a scraper impersonate as me on msn spaces. :D

  3. What is all this talk of "splogging?" How does this kind of thing happen, and why? The idea weirds me out a bit!

  4. sopranogrl22: there comes a time when you will find snippets or your entire post in a place that isn't your blog. it's not legal, but it's rampant. you could do something about it, it's quite a tiring process and you don't necessarily win in each splog war.

    you're no blogger until your posts have been scraped by sploggers. ;)

  5. OMG!!! that happened to me, it was on my ratteling teeth post, which popped up on a toothpaste site! WTF? are they stupid? the poem was about everything other than clean teeth!

  6. |

    this is the link!

    is it theft? seems like a bot that as been programmed to pick up anything abut theeth....

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    its a wordpress site? *confused* they link back to me, have i been splogged or not?

  8. amandzing: it's a splog.

    one way to minimise theft content is to set your rss feed to summary form instead of the full feed.

  9. i dunno how to do that, been trying to figure it out for a while, wanted to feed to amatomu and feedburner, but *shrug* no luck...

  10. it's nothing to do with feedburner; for those you need to set up an account there. all blogs have their own rss feeds.
    see question no. 8 here re summary or partial feed.

  11. thank you sulz :)

  12. cant wordpress admin doing something about it? my case specifically?

  13. many bloggers get scraped every day. it's out of their jurisdiction anyway since they are only in control of blogs. (so if a blog scrapes your posts, you can report to staff and they will take action.)

    if you want to do something about being scraped, this is a good thread:

  14. @sulz That really sucks! It's so hard to control things like that, too, especially on the Web.

  15. i know, but it's a small price to pay (for the benefits of blogging far outweight the negatives). it's not right they are using my writing to earn (spam blogs use our content to create pseudo-content in their blogs to earn money from ads) but it's just too tiring to hunt every splogger down. i think pkayski managed to shut down a few blogs, so if anyone thinks they want to give it a go, ask him/her for advice. :D

    kinda like going out in public. you never know when some nut is going to try to ruin your day by flashing at you or dig his nose and flicks it at your direction... or something. hehe.

  16. Welcome to Blogfrica...

  17. Haha it has gone up to 22 times! Damn splogger! When I get time though (after stupid exams are over) I will send a massive email to the hosting company and all of them should drop!!

    But yeah, I have managed to poach a few of these sploggers into oblivion as sulz has said. If you have any questions I am more than happy to help :). I got a bit addicted into the seeing the sploggers crash and burn aspect but now with other commitments I think I might need to slowly get over it.


  18. It happens to me too so i delete their trackback links by mistake on every occasions(anger because they sell ads). On the flip side the sploggers can help you improve your rankings on the search engines. I would get more pissed off if the sploggers copy and paste the whole post and didn't give me any credit. Remember to stop the hillary express!!

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