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  1. Im using a mobile phone on creating my blog and my post. A simple phone that just can connect on web. I wonder how my blog looks like, I dont know how does it looks like on desktops and laptops. That's why i opened this topic to get your feedback on the appearance of my blog.

    To view my blog please go to:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use Opera mobile to see how your blog looks on desktops as Opera shows it in the same way. After all one should set up blog of her/his own choice because "The person who tries to please everyone'' pleases nobody. BTW your blog looks well on Firefox. Your son! Oh my, how sweet.

  3. Here's some feedback; DON'T USE ALL CAPS.

  4. ok thanks im using uc browser because opera mini began slow moving when i changed my network. and im trying to minimize the cost of data thats why my browser is set into mobile viewing. anyway thanks again

  5. Dunno if you changed it since you started the post, but from my computer it looks just fine to me!

  6. I haven't changing it yet. Actually i just picked a theme that i dont know what really looks like. But then thanks for saying that my blog looks just fine .

  7. Hey hi, i am also using simple mobile also with uc. Its great!!
    Best of luck:D

  8. yeah your right there . its fun to use uc because its fast even running with multiple tabs

  9. Your blog name doesn't make grammatical sense - 'this is what is all about'.

    Do you mean, 'this is what it's all about'?

  10. actually im really asking for help on thinking a great title for my page because i really dont know what's appropriate title for my page we'll if you can help you may tell me. im sorry if my title is not good, im just not that talented/ skilled on writing. especially on creating titles.

  11. Why don't you just call it Blog For My Little One? That's what it is, so there is no need to try to think of a creative title.

  12. ok i'll do it later thanks

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