I just want to change an “i” to an “l”!!

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    This is sad. I found a template I like, but there is one issue that no one may ever really notice, but it’s bothering me and I’d hate to have to change the template just because of this.

    Where the comments are, it has a “trackback” link, and it says “trackback uri”. Can you guess what’s bothering me about that? That’s right, it says uri instead of url. So, all I want to do is change an “i” to an “l”… but I bet the answer is going to be… sorry… you can’t. Cause it’s a free blog. I did pay extra to be able to edit the css, so I could just hide it, but it’s in the same div as the link that takes you to the comment box so you don’t have to scroll… so if I hide it, that helpful link will go away too.

    So I guess I’m asking this but I already know that the answer is there is nothing I can do! I just wish wordpress would allow us to edit more than just the css for situations like this when there are grammar mistakes in the template.

    Well, does anyone have any ideas? again, if I try to just hide it using css, then the nice “jump to comment form” link goes away. Well, I guess it’s not a big deal… it will just bug me for the rest of my life.


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    I wonder if Support could fix the typo? Try contacting them.



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    Interesting. Thanks.

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